Release Notes

Release Notes for Zim 9.00 for Windows - Build 473 - 27/February/2020
  • FORM SET fixes for colors and fonts;
  • FORM SET applied to frame children;
  • FORM RESET fixes;
  • FORM CLEAR fixes;
  • Fixes for the Unicode implementation;
  • Fixes for Progress Bars;
  • Fix to provide the correct calculation for menus and forms within a window;
  • Fixes for the $Direction system variable;
  • Adding a system menu in case the close window button is hidden;
  • Fine tuning the rendering of graphical images;
  • Corrections for the $Help and $PrinterSetup functions;
  • Fixes for the correct rendering of calendars;
  • Make the FORM OPEN NOCLEAR to be aware of previous assignments;
  • Fixes for events in check boxes, radio buttons and option boxes;
  • General fixes on ComboBoxes;
  • Introduction of the SET ZIM7CONVERSION setting;
  • Adjusting the usage of the first automatic sequence number;
  • Removed unnecessary locks in specific commands.

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